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Elaine Belloc (Demiurgos)
28 July 2009 @ 10:46 am
This will serve as my HMD/concrit post, and so all comments are screened. Anon commenting is on and IP logging is off, because while I do prefer to know where any comments/questions/concerns are coming from, I understand that it can be more comfortable to go anon. So there it is.

If you'd like to get in contact with me directly, that's more than welcome as well. My contact information is as follows:

email: butterfly.lovers.concerto@gmail.com
AIM: the way through
personal LJ: mandolin_minuet

And of course, you can always PM my personal LJ or this one. Don't hesitate to drop me a line about anything; I don't bite. Not even hard.
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Elaine Belloc (Demiurgos)
From her point in canon, Elaine has now assumed the mantle of God in her Creation. OBVIOUSLY, this grants her a lot of godmodey powers that require a permissions post so as to make sure I have an ooc all clear before doing anything. Not that Elaine will be flaunting her powers, but here, let me know if you or your characters would mind any of the following:
1. Determine the nature of your character (aliens, demons, god, 'other' -- in person only), please note whether they give off any 'signature' that she could detect from a distance (extremely powerful magical creatures, angels and demons).

2. See through illusions, glamours, and other attempts to change 'the fabric of reality' (this includes reality bending and probability manipulation) -- in person.

3. Detect any large-scale applications of magical, reality bending, or other hardcore 'supernatural' manipulations that your character may do -- in person or at a distance.

Please note: individuals who have very strong magical attunement, angels, and demons -- all of you have the ability and automatic permission to detect Elaine's entrance into the universe. For those more heavenly or hell-ly in nature, this power would probably manifest more specifically as the power of God. And the demiurge, Michael. Unlike Lucifer, Elaine will not be warding this in person, though she will tone it down. Feel free to still notice; she'll just try not to blind anyone with strong magical sight/sensitivities.

Additionally, she is vested with her father, the Archangel Michael's, demiurge powers and this manifests in the City by affording her the power to create something from nothing. Oh yeah, and since she created her own universe, Elaine has a pretty good idea how things work.

Comments/questions/concerns/what have you, go!